Equipping the New Manufacturing Sector - the Toolbox project

24th Aug

Manufacturing is Alive and Well The Toolbox project arose from discussion with the Federal Govern...

Definition of Advanced Manufacturing

3rd Mar

Advanced Manufacturing is universally considered difficult to characterise.  Here is a great de...

If We Are to Work to 70, We Need to Rethink Work

19th May

As the Federal Government confirms its plans to increase the Australia’s retirement age to 70,...

Generation's success depends on more than jobs

5th May

We’ve had some great conversations on tackling youth unemployment in Australia, but it doesn&r...

New hope in jobs hunt

31st Mar

A digital project is helping to put Geelong on the map, writes Sue Green. With the looming end to...

Our city transforms with new job trends - Geelong rolling with changes

17th Mar

GEELONG as we know it has been transforming in front of our eyes. And yet, like the city’s tre...


17th Mar

Twenty new full-time jobs will be created in Geelong with advanced  manufacturing firm Carbon R...

Agribusiness opens up new job opportunities

14th Mar

Ice Cream making, fruit and nut tree growing, deer farming and bee keeping are among Geelong’s...

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