Advanced Manufacturing Designer

Advanced Manufacturing Designer

Advanced manufacturing processes and adds value to a wide range of raw materials: textiles, wood, telecommunications, metal, plastics and rubber

In the Geelong region, as in the rest of Australia, Advanced Manufacturing is undergoing a dramatic shift. While it remains one of our largest employers offering 10,409 jobs regionally, the winding back of large local manufacturers like Ford and Alcoa, have resulted in an overall declineof 4.6% of jobs in the sector. However new technologies, new global markets, and new advanced manufacturing materials bring dynamic new opportunities. The $55 million regional Deakin Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) is a clear indicator of the future of manufacturing in our region: different but healthy!

What does an advanced manufacturing designer do?

Designs 21st century solutions to manufacturing requirements.

What are the trending jobs in Geelong?

The top regional design opportunities are in industries as diverse as agribusiness, education, advanced manufacturing and carbon.

Where can I get trained?

For jobs right around Australia, check out
For jobs in Geelong see our live job feed on

At school by

  1. Participating in the CADET hands on learning program with Deakin university. (See the Deakin website for details of progam)
  2. Doing year nine work experience with an employer in engineering
  3. Enrolling in the VET in Schools Certificate II with a school based traineeship where you study part time at TAFE, complete your year 12 and spend one or two days a week with your employer. You graduate with year 12, a Certificate 11 in construction, and the equivalent of up to one year of your apprenticeship completed.

At the Gordon TAFE or other registered training organisation by

  1. Completing a six month Full time Certificate II pre apprenticeship course. You don’t need an ATAR , but you will need a year 11 completion.
  2. Completing Certificate III or IV at the Gordon or other RTO.

At university

  1. You can take an undergraduate degree at university in construction, finance, business management, architecture design, Project management, industrial design and supply chain.

On the job

  1. Look for a school based apprenticeship or full time apprenticeship with G Force, an individual employer or another apprenticeship provider.

Where can I get experience?

You will find year 10 work experience opportunities on the GRVEC site, or ask your careers teacher or VET or VCAL coordinator. You can also ask an advanced manufacturing careers employer for a voluntary work opportunity. Keep an eye on the volunteering geelong website for interest related opportunities.
Keep an eye on the Volunteering Geelong website.

What do I need to be good at?

  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Industry specific understanding

How much do I get paid?

Starts at $45, 000 and ranges between $75,000 and $100,000 depending on your skill, training and experience.

What can this job lead to?

With skill shortages in the advanced manufacturing sector ranging from business and finance managers, research scientists, middle managers and supply and distribution experts, this job could lead you anywhere!

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