Dreaming real career dreams for
Geelong, in Advanced Manufacturing Careers.

All Dream Real statistics are drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011. All projections are determined from current national and regional industry trends informed by ABS and City of Greater Geelong statistics.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries:

In the Geelong region, as in the rest of Australia, Advanced Manufacturing is undergoing a dramatic shift. While it remains one of our largest employers offering 10,409 jobs regionally, the winding back of large local manufacturers like Ford and Alcoa, have resulted in an overall decline of 4.6% of jobs in the sector. However new technologies, new global markets, and new advanced manufacturing materials bring dynamic new opportunities.

The $55 million regional Deakin Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) is a clear indicator of the future of manufacturing in our region: different but healthy!

Trending employment in Advanced Manufacturing Careers Number of jobs Percentage increase
(2006 to 2011 census)
Structural steel and welding workers 839 ▲ 7.24%
Engineers, managers and producers 274 ▲ 53%
Metal fitters and machinists 1007 ▼ 18%
Forklift driver 659 ▲ 12%
Production Managers 652 ▲ 7.7%
Fastest growing
Forklift driver 659 ▲ 12%
Industrial spray painters 131 ▲ 23%
Mobile plant operators 652 ▲ 7.7%
Plastics and rubber production workers 115 ▲ 50%

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith

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